Operation and measurement services for experimental research

Concept development for power plants, distributed energy systems, renewables and circular economy

Reteres provides flexible resources for technology research from innovation to execution:

1)       Concept/project development

    • Energy
    • Combustion
    • Power plants, CHP
    • Fludized bed technologies
    • Oxyfuel combustion
    • Solar energy solutions
    • Heating and cooling
    • Modelling and simulation

2)      Flexible manpower for experimental research and measurements

    • Pilot plant operations
    • Demanding measurements
    • Calibrations
    • Consultation related to experimental procedures

3)      Flexible researchers for national and international R&D projects

    • Contracts from 1 month to 4 years
    • Full service includes: project development, preparation of funding proposals and high quality leased manpower/researchers for project execution

4)      Consultation, training and lectures related to energy technologies

    • Energy conversion processes and technologies
    • Emissions
    • Legislations

Services (in Finnish)